The Film Freaking Execs Out! "Oh no!!! My Job!!"

Variety says - The very low-budget film (it reportedly cost $11,000), which played in fewer than 200 theaters, raked in $7.1 million over the weekend -- a record for a limited-release film. The film had an impressive $44,163 per-screen average and placement in the top five of the box office ratings over the weekend...



The word of mouth online .... transmedia HELLO!


Creative Tweeting - Smoke That!

More and more brands are starting to use Twitter, whether it’s to promote new products or connect with customers. The only problem that some brand marketers have with using Twitter is that it can be difficult to have a conversation around links or media files. This is why Vitrue, a social media management company, has created “Twitter Pages” as a new part of its Vitrue SRM Product suite. Think of Twitter Pages as a branded TwitPic for companies and brands that want to share media or links with fans. Learn more about it here from one of our favorite tech peeps sites...




The Washington Post Launches a Web Show!

Funny --- "Twits!"


What Do You Think? (redefines "pot head")

Less than three weeks after CVS stores started selling the controversial Obama chia pets, the pharmacy chain is pulling them from its shelves. In April, rival chain Walgreens stopped selling the Obama chias after complaints that the plants, which sprout a green chia afro as the President's hair, were racist. A CVS spokesman wouldn't give a reason for the store's decision to the Chicago Tribune.

FYI - Most ads for this run on TV during religious programming... :)


A really smart Viral PSA to fight breast cancer!

Our good friend Taryn Southern co-wrote and produced this campaign with her friend Jamie King - its a really smart idea.




A great new way to place Ads in media!

Check this company out... add it to your must haves... we have! They have a great way of integrating brand advertising seamlessly into video content, transforming it into an interactive experience for viewers to engage with. Worth a play on their site! We are using them...


New Website

Welcome to ADDiCTive! Along with our friends at Squarespace, we're pleased to debut our new online digs.  Now, and as we add new features over the coming months, we hope that this becomes your go-to place to keep up with everything we're doing.  Most notably, this blog space will be our #1 method of communication to you ADDiCTS, so we urge you to check back often.

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