Leonardo DiCaprio, Chace Crawford Costar in Environment PSA

The organization's Web site, This Is Our Moment, also allows citizens to become involved by spreading the message through Twitter, Facebook, embeddable widgets and blogs.

"Americans want real action to address climate change and move our country toward a clean energy future," NRDC president Frances Beinecke says.

-Us Magazine


Best PSA Ever

This star studded video from NRDC urging the Senate to act on clean energy legislation is brilliant. Do what Dr. Cornell West says and “Tweet that.”

- Rolling Stone Magazine


Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Viral

Wall Street Journal

Leonardo DiCaprio Goes Viral: Actor Leonard DiCaprio has joined forces with other top stars in a viral campaign for the Clean Energy, Jobs and American Power Act. The actor, who is a trustee at the National Resource Defense Council Action Fund, is joined by Edward Norton, Forest Whitaker, Jason Bateman and Cornel West in a PSA titled “This is Our Moment” urging voters to flood their Senators with emails to vote yes on clean energy. [ET Online]

- The Wall Street Journal.


Leonardo Dicaprio and More Appear in Star-studded PSA for Energy Bill


Leonardo DiCaprio, Forest Whitaker, Chace Crawford, Jason Bateman, Emmy Rossum and more stars are appearing in a new PSA asking Americans to contact the government about passing a clean energy bill.

"This is our moment -- our moment to fight for a cleaner and more secure future," DiCaprio says in the PSA made by the Natural Resources Defense Council. "The time is now for people across the country to stand up and have their voices heard. We all must call on the Senate to act on this historic opportunity."

- Entertainment Tonight


Sunday at Hillary Speaks For Me

Hillary Speaks For Me is a website where you can post videos and leave messages.  It generates a "giant playlist" that streams your videos.   (Note -- Obama supporters have a great site, too:YouBama - The Citizen Generated Campaign.)

On Sunday at Hillary Speaks For Me we received a number of new videos and a wave of new message postings from people across the country - especially from Texas and Ohio where Tuesday's primaries are generating very high interest. 



Daily Digest: Hillary Speaks For Me!

Personal Democracy Forum

Want some voter-generated content? We’ll give you some voter-generated content! Hillary Clinton supporters are stepping up online, posting video testaments to HRC on Hillary Speaks For Me. It’s a great site that feels authentic — for once! — and features videos from young people of all stripes. The demographic — young, multi-racial, hip — looks mighty, well, Barackian, which would be no accident if this was a campaign-generated site. But this is apparently the real thing. If the Clinton campaign is paying attention, they should send a link to every supporter and push this hard.

- Personal Democracy Forum


Youthful Hillary Clinton Supporters Strike Back at Obamamaniacs 


A group of young Hillary Clinton supporters in New York City have had it. They’re not going to take it anymore.

Fed up of being out-voiced by the seemingly innumerable supporters of senator Barack Obama morning noon and night — on YouTube, MySpace, generally on the web, television, the streets and anywhere else you can think of, this coterie of New York City’s creative class decided that it was time to create the Hillary Clinton Video Organism.



Why The Web Is Not Enough

NEW YORK Isaac Freeman, better known in the hip-hop world as Fatman Scoop, and his wife, Shanda, are leaning up against the headboard of their king-size bed, computers on their laps, answering viewer questions about relationships. But this is not your average chat show. is raw, riddled with profanity, and the content is undeniably adult. And if the buzz about this weekly online series is any indication, it may just become MTV Networks' next reality hit.