Aaron Feldman

Aaron is a Writer/ Director/Producer. His credits include screenplays and teleplays sold to Twentieth Century Fox, Canal+, MGM, Paramount TV, SYFY Channel and USA Networks.

As founder of MJA, he has spent the last six years focusing on producing cross-media content for the converging FILM, TV and web market. He secured a two-picture producing/directing deal with MGM and Haxan Films (The Blair Witch Project) with their accompanying trans-media marketing campigns. His most recent film, John Doe (85min) is a reality-horror film featuring Youtube star Stevie Ryan (aka Lil’ Loca - over 20m views). John Doe will be distributed first quarter 2010.

Aaron grew up outside of Chicago and graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a BFA in Sculpture and BS in Biology. He received a fellowship to do brain research at the National Institutes of Health. Post fellowship, Aaron was head researcher for a top counterterrorism think tank where he worked with Joint Terrorism Task Forces throughout the U.S. It is this experience that served as the basis for his first screenplay The American (sold to Canal+).