A Waist of Time - Documentary

Three years ago, a group of four people (all misfits in their own way) set out to help one person save his own life and to become a hero and a role model for Americans. His name was Tiny Yarbrough and he weighed 850lbs. The groups goal was to help Tiny make his dream come get fit and fight in Judo in the 2008 Olympics! For more than a year, they trained him, taught him to eat right, toured the country, did national press, visited schools, taught kids, created media stunts, got celebrities involved, crashed heath conventions, chased sponsors, and even went to Oprah¹s office in Chicago. The result was Tiny lost 300lbs in 4 months, his blood chemistry went to normal, people across the country reached out to the group for help and got it and then, Tiny disappeared.

Now, four hundred hours of footage later, the group is working together again to finish what was started. They are editing all the footage of their adventures with Tiny to make a new documentary about fighting obesity. The angle is different from most other perspectivesŠit is a comedy called, "Why Fight Obesity...Its A WAIST OF TIME!"

Obesity won! It took the best of Tiny and he just quit. Not just failing himself, but America, his manager (Charlie Stettler), his fitness expert (MTVs Eric Nies), his foods expert (David Sandoval), and the filmmaker following everything (Alex Lasky). Tiny now weighs 850 again...his last reported sighting was as a "freak" on some late night talk show.

Obesity is a monumental problem and if you don¹t help yourself NO ONE CAN! This group has proven that! Watch, learn and discover how impossible the fight is! By the end you will have a fresh insight that no one else is going to tell you! You will know that fat breeds fat! You will know all about failure and be laughing and yes crying all the way to the end. This as all our project do, has a major online component to it as well... But we will get into that as we get closer to launch. Stay healthy America!