This is Our Moment Campaign

This is our Moment

ADDiCTiVE partnered with the NRDC, Leonardo DiCaprio and the Compound to design and produce the web campaign. We felt it was vital to empower people to take instant action with the call of celebrity to use social media. We partnered them with and others to create a robust viral machine to spread awareness and create action for this cause.

This is Our Moment is a new celebrity-driven video campaign that invites online users to join the call for a clean energy future.

This is Our Moment enables the online viewer to become a participant in two ways: you can create and add your own video to the site and you can send a direct email to your Senator asking him/her to support a new clean energy economy.

The goal is to create a virtual army of climate activists by utilizing social media tools like online video, Facebook and Twitter to spread the message.

Here are all the ways we have participation:

  • Go to ThisIsOurMoment.Org and click through the video PSA to email your Senators asking for clean energy legislation.
  • Get the Facebook App or spread the word about this video by posting this link on your Facebook wall blog or any social network.
  • Update your Facebook status to ¬≥¬≤ so friends will see our video.
  • Tweet #ThisIsOurMoment and tell your followers to take action today!
  • Upload your own video calling for clean energy solutions! Send your videos to friends making YOUR video an actionable link to email the senate directly.

It was a great cause to be involved with and an amazing group of passionate people to work with. PS has been built on a green platform :)