WEB, Content, Social Media, or what the hell to do exactly is why you would hire us to consult WITH you! We have been in the online content space since 1998 and have worked with hundreds of companies. We have been the founders and CEOs and we have seen many companies fail due to lack of understanding of the online space and how to utilize its potential.  Below is a great video that is a must watch ... It defines the new media world in which we live today (or at least the next few months). Everything in this, ever media connected and changing, world must be paid attention to: Twitter is NOT something you promote on. It is a tool that is for contribution to the greater whole. Facebook is not a place to just design and put up a page but a place you design, listen to and communicate with daily. Youtube is about honesty and realness and being creative with the pulse of the viewers. This is the face of modern PR and these are extensions of your brand – living and breathing in real time.

We understand how this world works. We have built our own brands with great success and we are now opening our doors to work with others on a consulting basis. (Yes we can do production and build sites and technology around your brands too) What ever your needs are we can come in and help you sort through the mess and design and execute an operational standard for your company or brand that works for you and reaches your audiences to increase growth interactivity and your success. Contact us and we can discuss you.


We built an entire web platform campaign from the ground up for for Hillary Clintons Presidential Campaign.

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