We built an entire web platform campaign from the ground up for for Hillary Clintons Presidential Campaign.

Here is what we created:

Five friends had a simple idea – make a viral video for Hillary Clinton. During the process, a movement of young, charged-up Hillary supporters emerged, all wanting their voices heard. became a home for all the videos uploaded from across the country, a playlist made by the youth of America. The PLAYLIST for YOUR future.

The site asks visitors to create videos with web cams or phone cameras, and to tell their stories, jokes, testimonials, inspirations or teachings. We want people to share the truth about what they hear and see - and show why Hillary is important to them.

When a person uploads their video to the ever-growing playlist, it is placed in the front of the line. All the submissions create a stream of short videos that play one after another after another – though users can easily toggle back and forth through the stream. All videos created are then auto fed to sites like Youtube and others to expand the viewship reach for positive Hillary messaging everywhere.

Users can create videos using their webcams, cell phones or other devices. They can also upload videos from YouTube and other video sites by submitting urls. The playlist stream is easily distributable to social networking platforms like Myspace and Facebook. Upload is possible directly from the social networking widgets.

While watching the stream, viewers can vote for what they like, live chat with each other, or post text, audio and video commentary into a blog related to the video they are watching.

Hillary Speaks for ME is a new way of political organizing - a living video organism that is genuinely user-generated. Watching the stream is like watching democracy in action - hearing people talk about politics in a simple, truthful way. Regardless of the outcome, we believe that this site and this method of organizing will last forever.

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