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Man and Wife

“Man and Wife” broke new ground as the first African-American married couple discussing sex, money, relationships, love, jobs, politics, health and dating. The show, which started as a podcast in 2007 (, became the first web-to-TV show with a successful season on MTV in 2008, including current airings on MTV International.


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With a new twist on late-night talk programming, “Man and Wife” answers questions from people in the street, as well as emails, voice mails, videos and message boards. Hosted by two-time Grammy winner Fatman Scoop, and his wife, Shanda, an HIV/AIDS counselor, the couple speaks in a language familiar to most people and approaches them on their terms. With open and candid conversation in a lively and humorous setting, Man and Wife makes viewers comfortable asking the questions they all want to ask. This unique, quirky, loving couple takes their fans on an adventure into their own relationship while answering their real-life questions. Its fresh and friendly format creates new communication options, offering viewers an open dialogue via a choice of technologies.

“Man and Wife has gained a huge following online and now we are bringing them to television to discuss sex, love and relationships," said Tony DiSanto, EVP, MTV Programming and Series Development. "Hosts Fatman Scoop and his wife, Shanda are two charismatic and compelling personalities and you can't help but listen and watch everything they say and do as they serve up advice to viewers in their own style.”

Currently, “Man and Wife” airs on New York Nonstop, launched by WNBC in March 2009. This latest television version of “Man and Wife” will allow this unique African-American couple to reach another 5.7 million New York households.

“‘Man and Wife’ puts a new twist on our late-night programming,” noted Vickie Burns, VP of Content and Audience Development for NBC Local Media New York. “It's edgy and entertaining reality television. Scoop and Shanda are masters of humorous and candid conversation about personal and life-changing topics."

Man and Wife’s online podcast has reached the 9 million viewer mark. The show remains one of the most popular web shows on iTunes and regularly receives award badges for its youtube partner channel.

In addition, is consistently in the top 10 podcasts in the health category on iTunes. Sex therapists have written that they are utilizing the show in therapy sessions. Scoop and Shanda are truly IN LOVE and their frank and hilarious discussions could help usher in a new era of public discourse on everything from sex and sexuality to romance in a committed relationship as well as safe sex.

The “Man and Wife” franchise:

  • TV: MTV and NBC New York Nonstop
  • Movie: “The Freemans do Europe”
  • Radio: “Man and Wife” syndicated radio show coming soon
  • DVDs: “Help Fatman Scoop become Fitman Scoop”
  • Live shows: Touring
  • Web: