Wild Women and Wiseguys


After watching a documentary on Joe Francis, the whiz kid behind the popular "Girls Gone Wild" series, wise guy Johnny Cha Cha, the unofficial "Mayor of Little Italy" declared (along with a few choice expletives), "I can friggin' do that better than that guy!" So, he summoned a few of his celebrity good fellah pals - including HBO's "The Sopranos" stars Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore, David Proval, Vinny Vella, plus Frankie Sivero ("Goodfellas," "The Godfather") and a couple of real Wise Guys, "Skinny Vinny and Machine Gun Johnnie." And within a week, the buddies were headed to spring break in Cancun to film the pilot of WILD WOMEN & WISE GUYS.

The result is an outrageously hysterical twist on Francis' series featuring the real-life antics of over-zealous, over-weight, and over-the-hill wise guys soaking up the Mexican sun with a slew of uninhibited college girls. It's a no-holds-barred, uncensored sex-capade as the guys set out to prove that a couple of ol' bastards can teach young twenty-something punks a thing or two in the good time department. The guys somehow manage to charm the pants (and tops) off the sorority girls, coaxing them into silly and compromising acts: wet tee-shirt contests, beer guzzling battles, even into a hot tub with Cha Cha! Sure, the guys get slapped and called "filthy perverts" once every five minutes - which they gleefully admit that they are - but it's all in good fun, and isn't fun what spring break is about?

"There ain't nothin' like WILD WOMEN & WISE GUYS anywheres," says Cha Cha. "We blow the (bleep) out of that hard-on Joe Francis and his 'Girls Gone Wild' crap."

Cha Cha is putting his money where his mouth is. He has his sights on expanding the WILD WOMEN & WISE GUYS brand and overthrowing Francis as king of the Wild Women empire.

Presently in the works:

A WILD WOMEN & WISE GUYS work out video. "Fugeddabout Sweatin' to them damn oldies," says Cha Cha. "In my friggin' video, you sweat with the oldies - us fat bastards. And the reward for all your hard work is gettin' the broads."

A WILD WOMEN & WISE GUYS cookbook containing Cha Cha's "secret recipes" and advice guaranteed to drive the ladies wild. "My book will teach even the fattest, ugliest (bleep)s how to get laid," declares Cha Cha.

A WILD WOMEN AND WISE GUYS record album. Cha Cha and his boys singing the classics over hip-hop and house tracks.

A restaurant franchise similar to 'Hooters' featuring WILD WOMEN & WISE GUYS.

A travel agency catering to men in mid life crisis. For a cool twenty grand, men can live out their WILD WOMEN & WISE GUYS fantasy in an exotic locale with real life broads and good fellahs.

Cha Cha and his Wise Guys are destined to be the next big American craze. Follow their madcap mis-adventures. As Cha Cha says, "You'll laugh your (bleep)'in (bleep) off. You betterŠ if y'know what's good fer ya."

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