JR Sport Brief

JRSportBrief, hosted by sports guru JR, is the fastest growing and most popular sports vlog on the internet.Baseball, Football, Basketball, MMA, Boxing and even some hockey, JR's got you covered.

Raised in the Bronx, NY, JR started the SportBrief on Youtube in April of 2009 as a way to express his thoughts and opinions on hot sports topics and illicit feedback from fellow fans. Since then, JR has hooked up with and covered sports notables such as New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez, New York Jets All Pro Darrelle Revis and even learned some dance moves courtesy of the Knicks City Dancers on the famed court of Madison Square Garden. JR believes that sports reporting and analysis has become stale with the same voices and commentary, "When I started my show, I wanted to express my opinions from a fans perspective and receive their thoughts as well! Too many commentators and analysts talk down to fans instead of speaking with them."

JR has received fan mail and questions from as far away as Hong Kong and London and is inundated daily with questions to his email, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. He's partnered up with Youtube for several sports related promotions and can even be found talking sports on NBC NY Nonstop. When he isn't voicing his thoughts on the web, you can probably catch JR at your local gym or sporting arena talking sports with big name athletes and fans alike. "For the fans, by a fan," JRSportBrief is THE show for sports enthusiasts.

Recent TV Comments

Gotta say it's refreshing to hear someone acknowledge they don't actually know the outcome, but will hypothesize and give well thought reasons for their prediction. Look for ESPN to put a hit out on this guy in 3, 2, 1.


u doing a great job man, u r actually better than most of these sports reporters on espn

lucky mabhena

dude your the man i come to your channel now for sports info over espn HAHAHA


Dude. Love the show. You are so lucky you got on Yankee Stadium field and on the court of the Garden. I love the knicks and the Yankees, and my dad's a Jets fan. I bleed New York, and I've been looking for a decent news brief with a decent amount of New York in it. However, when i saw you on youtube, i was pumped cause I can get my sports and be on youtube as well! Thank you so much dude.

K. Walsh (youtube ThatBoyWalshy)
P.S. Should the Knicks get rid of Nate?

your the best sports guy you belong on HBO or ESPN for sure


I WISH SOME BODY WOULD PICK YOU UP, You are the modern day sports commentater of the new millinium , the 30s had theirs , the 50s , so on and so forth this is a breath of fresh air, if You ever did get Your own show , DON'T CHANGE A THING , good luck


ooooo u look so better in HD....YAY ME


Hey YOU! Miss looking into your sexcee eyes and them lips..


I live in hong kong. just wanna say. ur vids are great. everyday i look forward to watching ur vids.

Ryan Smith