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Rep. David Dreiers - Big Apple Martini Bowling

We pre produced content segments of the congressman and designed the event to be a live telecast of the event itself. The room was full of 25 differing screens all broadcasting a varying mix of live and pre shot content to fully engage the attendees. Everyone was able to see the congressman and even themselves and the entertainment going from all angles and on all sides... We even broadcast and live switched a giant feed on the ceilings.

As one guest wrote on his blog:

“The turning point, for me, occurred during the GOP convention in New York. I was a student at the time and had finagled a press pass for the week under the auspices of my college newspaper.

One night during the convention, there was a huge party hosted by Rep. David Dreier (R-Calif.) dubbed, "Dreier's Big Apple Martini and Bowling Party." My friends and I vowed to crash it.

Dreier's party was held in a bowling alley in Greenwich Village. Above the bowling lanes, on the fifth floor, was a nightclub called Pressure Lounge. It was when I reached this area that my eyes beheld the evening's surprise entertainment. My thirteen-year-old fantasies materialized before my eyes. I'll never forget the open-mouthed look on the faces of an elderly couple standing next to me. They had left a tidy ranch house in some quiet suburban town in order to come to the Republican Convention, and they never imagined it would end up like this.

Up until that night, the Republican brand had carried, for me, a connotation of moral superiority. Afterward, I realized my naïveté.”

This was a fantastic FUN event to create with the congressman's staff!